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Leaving Cluj to Sighetu by train…

Attached to this blog are photos I recently retrieved from my mini (the charging adapter broke and I just replaced it).  You will see the beautiful countryside and small towns and villages I captured along the way.  The train was comfortable despite the heat.  I met a very kind, smart and sweet University graduate who then took on the task of showing me his beautiful town.  I have already posted photos he shared with me from his camera and you might recognize his vibrant smile and sweet eyes.  Upon arriving we first toured the Merry Cemetery, followed by the poor man’s cemetery.  Afterwards we visited the WWII Jewish prisoner memorial (see previous blog post) and then ate a delicious dinner followed by ice cream.  It was the next day that he took pictures of us at the outdoor ethnographic museum.  We visited some other museums in the town as well, but our camera batteries gave out.  This town is full of history and bustling with new and old business.  It is larger and more to date than I had perceived it to be, but I didn’t try to capture that.  I was too enthralled with its historic preservation and ability to maintain culture in the midst of Western influence. ❤ I hope to return.  Last, you will see the beautiful villa I stayed at. The owners spoiled me in every way possible.  So to, that when a miscommunication arose about my departure, a personal friend was called upon to pick me up and take me to the bus station.    It was there that the exciting part of my trip took place as we wound in and out of the mountains to Suceava.  But that is another post.


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