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Train in Cluj Napoca railway station

Train in Cluj Napoca railway station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I left Cluj reluctantly to Sighetu.  Part of me was saddened that I could not go stay with the organic goat farmers and learn about their sustainability methods.  Alone I sat at the train station wondering if I had enough space for my heavy pack and sack of food.  In fact, the train wasn’t marked and had I not interrupted some men to ask, I would have missed it altogether.  I sat with a grandmother and her two grandkids, and a single woman.  They were kind and quiet.  The whole train was quiet.  As it rumbled out of the station I was relieved to be in a comfortable seat, even though it was steaming hot inside.  By the time we left Cluj, the breeze had cooled the small 6 seater rooms and I began to walk around the cart freely.  There were rows of rooms and large windows on both sides of the carts.  I stood in the hall looking out the windows as we crawled by each town.  I recognized the name of a town of a new friend I had made and quickly snapped a picture so as not to forget.  Then I noticed a young mane stand in the hall and smile at me.  I had bumped into him coming in on the train and so I thought nothing of it.  He walked over and said hello.  Little did I know he would soon be hours of interesting conversation, good laughs and become my personal tour guide while in Sighetu.  He even shared a delicious meal of pork, cucumbers and cabbage at a very good restaurant (reminder to self to return there).  I am very blessed to have known Simion and keep in contact with him on facebook still.  Here are some pictures from his camera.  As you know my camera acted up.  I downloaded the pictures on my mini and that charging chord has broken since.  As soon as I get a new charging chord, those pictures and videos will immediate go up because I was snapping photos like a maniac.


For now, enjoy the Merry Cemetery, the poor man’s grave site and the Jewish Memorial. Afterwards we visited the outdoor ethnographic museum.  I promise there will be many more pictures on Sighetu part two and afterwards I can tell of the heroics of my Bus driver who took me to Suceava. 🙂


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