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Learning Beyond Borders

Learning Beyond Borders

I’m so excited and blessed!  The article is live on ASU’s website, please click the link above to check it out…

I’m currently working on my exit essay with the Gilman Scholarship fund.  I still have to write one more paper about my project (Skyping with and writing for the two 2nd Grade classes in New York).  I still have to post more pictures and videos, too…I haven’t forgotten you…

Why the delay?  My son, Antonio, was awarded a full ride scholarship to dance with the AZ school of Ballet!  We now trek almost one and a half hours round trip to get him to school.  But I know it will be worth it!

If all goes well, Antonio will spend a summer at a summer intensive.  Meanwhile, I will be going to the University in Cluj next year to continue my studies in the Romanian language and culture.  I even made friends I look forward to seeing again.  And if my eldest son gets straight A’s, he’s coming with me to study.  I’ve reserved an excellent Tennis coach (and new friend) to work with him while we are there. I have a friend in Germany who welcomed me to visit her and her family next year as well. 

I’m grateful to have had the opportunities in my life to accomplish great things.  Now, the challenge is to get a job that doesn’t need me in the summers while I finish my Masters.  I might end up doing more volunteer work and hopefully at least an internship.  Any recommendations (other than the school district)?


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One thought on “Learning Beyond Borders

  1. Latasha on said:

    Edlih, personally I feel that God is paving the way for you for a specific reason. I believe that the reason is something that will bring you closer to Him. He’s blessed you with a beautiful mind and a passion for LIVING!! Not many people share this type of enthusiasm as you do. I did want to say something that speaks volumes from my soul. It’s not by coincidence that we have befriended each other. Before I met you I was SOO trapped in my pain that I often felt alienated from the universe. Although I was brought up in a Christian faith I still felt alone and unloved UNTIL GOD sent u to me to show me how to pour my soul out on paper. You may think that your gift for writing is arbitrary but it’s been MY saving grace and because of that I can call you MY sister without fear or wavering. I’m EXTREMELY proud of who you are and the achievements you have made with God’s help and guidance. You are a WONDERFUL wife,mother and friend that has always been honest with herself and others. Your children are a representation of your BEAUTIFUL character. I LOVE u my soul sister . May God bless u and ur family.

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