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Budapest at Night

So we decided to take the night cruise down the river after dinner.  It costs us 2500 Forints but with the exchange rate it came out to next to nothing, really.  I wish I had time to do the full cruise with dinner and all but our faculty was dead set on staying together for the dinners.  With no time to shop the stores, much to my disappointment, we hurried down to the piers.

After waiting only 10 minutes in line and making friends with a pleasant Polish couple on their honeymoon, we were all told to board the ship at the next port.  People pushed, shoved and trampled to get on first.  After being cattled to the front we were told we had to return to the first port we were at.  With big smiles we gathered our group to return and waved goodbye to our new friends.  They were so sweet they offered us their own tickets but we declined and went back to the first port laughing and good spirits.

I admit some of us wanted to go shopping or walk back to the hotel but we stuck it through (the hour wait) and got on the next, and last ferry of the night.  My pictures were awful and the batter died half way through the cruise (the camera has been returned for full refund, btw).

Enjoy these shots of Budapest along the Danube at night.  Prague, Vienna, Bratislov, Sighetu and Suceava are next. 🙂  Any videos will posted at studyabroadadventure on Facebook.  You should find the link to the right of this blog.



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