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And now…champagne!

Now starts my photo posts of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  Here we study at the University Babes-Bolyai, Faculty of Letters.  I take the tram to school each day and only walk to the grocery store, Kaufland.  There we find products both found and not found in the U.S.  Thank you Garnier Ultra Doux, Ultra Softening shampoo! 🙂

We recently visited the Ethnographic museum and I was very impressed.  The dedication of the museum to replace what was previously destroyed is impressive.

My videos are for both family and the RTW foundation so you will hear me speaking very simply.  Unfortunately, I am still ignorant in many things in both language and culture and it shows.  I am okay documenting my ignorance in hopes of showing growth by the end of my trip.


Videos, of course will be on the studyabroadadventure page on facebook so please feel free to click on the link for the facebook to enjoy the videos.


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2 thoughts on “And now…champagne!

  1. Hy!

    Wish you a nice stay there!

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