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Brasov and Cluj Update

Visiting the city of Brasov was an experience that I was not prepared for. The beautiful plaza equipped with a Hostel and Wine Bar next door seemed to call to me.  I could hear my voice in my head telling me to come back with my husband and just sit for one day looking at the passerby’s.  Who couldn’t stop and enjoy the view in this cute town?  We walked through the “smallest medieval street” that just looked like a stone alleyway to me, but who am I to judge?  We passed by a beautiful church that was closed because it was Monday across from the schools.  These buildings were built so long ago and the people have cared to restore them for the tourist to enjoy.  Bravo Brasov!

The pictures are a collaboration of another student and I.  The better quality pictures belong to my room mate Jessica.  In addition my video downloaded as jpeg and lost their properties.  Any tech wizzes out there that can help me restore it?  I’m not sure why it is happening but I’ve lost some very fun footage.  Fail.

As most of you know I am in Cluj, studying at the Babes Bolyai University.  Today I ditched my group to walk around town after my Romanian Language course.  I found a supermarket where I bought Salam Rustica, a Cabernet Sav. and I bought Olive bread at Panemare.  After walking down to the city Center and taking video I’m afraid to upload, I turned and walked to the train station.  There I found more of the homes and apartments.  I also saw more Roma Gypsies.  I can only described their clothes like traditional Indian mixed with Puerto Rican on steroids.  The colors were so vibrant and nothing matched it was kind of awesome. 🙂

After a lecture from Prof Ioan Pop Curseu on Theatre & society in Romania throughout History, we walked up the hill into the neighborhood to get a view of the whole city.  It was absolutely stunning.  I opted to take the tram back to the dorms.  I felt I’d walked enough.  After a delicious dinner (I’ve started asking for half servings of every dish) we dropped our things off and went to the grocery store.  We must have walked up and down about 50 steps (100 steps total and I started to feel exhausted.  I think I must have walked a minimum of 10 miles today, if not more.  And I realize, this is a daily routine.  Now that I’ve curbed the amount of food on my four course dinners, I hope to lose some unwanted weight. 🙂

Pictures and hopefully videos of Cluj will come soon.  I’ve also started taking pictures of foods I eat.  But I’m working on posting pictures from other cities and work my way up to Cluj.  Enjoy Brasov in this gallery and then Sighisoara will follow.  You won’t want to miss it, believe me! 🙂

La revedere!


I wish I had my step counter with me because I’m pretty sure I walked


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