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Finally Abroad and Settled In

I’ve finally arrived in Cluj!  I am very happy to be in a clean room with towels and closet space.  It’s amazing how much I miss those simple things.  I was so eager to wash my clothes after 5 days of traveling.  To my dismay the whites came out pink and the beige came out dark grey and we have no idea how or why it happened.  So tomorrow my room mate and I will have to go shopping.  Ay de mi. 😉 

So, we spent our first day at the U.S. Embassy for their 4th of July Festivities.  It was impressive seeing important political figures attend with their bodyguards.  The band played jazz, swing, country and rock.  The servers walked around with Mcdonalds pies as if they were cocktails and we had an endless amount of food and drinks at no cost.  I could have stayed there all day but the group wanted to leave so we did.   We also visited the Museum of Romanian Peasants.  The next day we went to the People’s Palace and afterwards attended a lecture at the University of Bucharest.   Our third day was spent in Constanta where we toured the History of Archeology and the Roman Ruins on the shore.  We admired the Turkish Mosque and the Orthodox Cathedral.  The city is under a lot of construction because they are trying to spruce it up for tourism.  On the fourth day we rode up to visit Bran Castle and a fortress nearby (more details later).  At the Bran Castle we spent a good amount of time shopping at the bazaar near the gate.  There I ate a type of donut and bought a cheese wrapped in fir tree bark. I really look forward to eating it later in this trip since I will not be able to travel back to the U.S. with it.  Today we drove up through Brasov and Sighisoara and visited many beautiful palaces, medieval fortresses, and churches.  I am summarizing because it is way past midnight here and I have class tomorrow morning.  I will post lots of pictures and label each folder carefully. 

I do have some video and I will be happy to share it but keep in mind that I have aimed my videos for k-8 children for the Reach The World travel correspondent.  I intend to hear what I am saying and take out my voice from the video.  Instead I will put music and words and maybe a well done voice over.  So consider them my fresh thought on scratch when you hear me. 🙂 

One last thing, I opted for a video camera that takes pictures rather than a camera that takes video in order to get the maximum voice recording capabilities.  Therefore the picture quality suffered.  I am blessed enough to have a wonderful group of students that are traveling with me who have been sharing their pictures in order for me to have a great selection to choose from. 

I’m oh, so tired and can’t wait to get back on tomorrow with a fresh perspective on this blog.  I will also need some refreshing of the details of my past travels this week.  I’d hate to tell you that the picture of the Bran castle is of the Peles castle.  I also need to figure out how to make Romanian characters on this mini/notebook…

So until next time,

La revedere!



The Peasant Museum


The view of Bucharest from the People’s Palace


A statue in the park across from the Peasant Museum and Embassy.


More pictures to follow!  I have to straighten, crop and adjust for maximum effect.  I also send my love to my friends and family on Twitter and FB! ❤


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