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First Reach the World Post and Final Preperations Before I Fly …

Cover of "Mary and Max"

Cover of Mary and Max

I learned this week that although I will be using wordpress to post my blogs as a travel correspondent through Reach the World, it will be a sepearate account.  The good news is that I can ping them, or re-blog them so that I won’t have to write two separate blogs.  Please understand that these blogs are designed for Elementary/Middle School aged children in New York.  It may come across as a bit simple but I will include a lot of great photos and even videos.  My first one was submitted last night and they should post it by July 1st.  It should be one post weekly.

I do leave next week and my nerves are starting to act up…along with the “x” key on my keyboard so words like eercise and etreme might show up here and there.  Lucky for me, we have editors on staff that comb through our posts before submitting them to the blog and the classrooms we are paired up with.  I don’t know exactly what age group will be following my journey but I’m ecited none the less. You know, I’m starting to feel like the man in the 2009 Australian claymation film called Mary and Max.  Max was so upset with Mary that he took the letter “M” off his typewriter and when he finally resumed correspondence his words were missing the letter “m” where needed.  It is a somewhat dark movie but so worth the watch if you are into quirky and different films.

Anywho…it is probably a good think I won’t be taking this laptop with me.  My kids call it the “biggie” because we had the HP MIni, so this was big in comparison.  I’ll be taking MIni II with me, instead.  The absolute only thing missing right now is a decent camera.  I took our camera out of it’s case and found the lens was scratched.  I don’t want to take the little Canon we have because I can never get the resolution I want. Plus, it doesn’t take video with sound.  I don’t know if I should just get an iPhone (which does it all) or spend the extra money on a decent digital camera with video options…or video camera with camera options…arg.

One more week until departure!  The bag has been packed for weeks and I’m going to build a trellis over the dog run gate and put the soaker hoses on a timers so my plants don’t die. 🙂  I love my family but I’d rather get mad at a faulty hose for my dead plants than the boys I love so much who will most likely forget. ❤  Here’s my most recent pallet project in my garden.  I call it my Garden Directory!


It compliments the sign in my garden bed.


And in case you are wondering…yes, I’ve planted all of the plants listed, and more. 🙂  I still have to finish building a few more shades from PVC and landscaping material to keep them from burning.  The news forecasts our temperatures up to 118 degrees by Friday.  That’s just insane!  It’s a miracle plants survive these temperatures at all.  I look forward to sharing my journey through my blog with you and hope you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy my trip.  Stay posted because next week I will be in Romania!


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4 thoughts on “First Reach the World Post and Final Preperations Before I Fly …

  1. iPhone not only has a great camera buy apps to post directly to YouTube. My blog is It has a few videos on it. Buen viaje! I am also a RTW corespondent.

    • Thanks for the advice! I figured I can also use the iPhone for Skype when I talk to my family. I’m using an ancient phone and have put off the upgrade because I felt I just didn’t need all the bells and whistles. I guess I should start shopping…

    • By the way, I found your blog and I will be following it! RTW correspondents unite! jk. 😉 My best friend is Costa Rican and I’ve been dying to visit. I look forward to following your blog to learn as much as I can. I love the hair cut, by the way – thinking of doing something similar myself! 🙂

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