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Happy Mother’s Father’s Day!

On Father’s Day I received (and just opened) the most thoughtfully and beautifully pieced together Mother’s Day gift…sister – I will forever be your #1 fan and yes, I’m crying.  No one is more talented and intuitively in sync with the world of beauty than you.   On that note, yesterday was the first day in 14 years I did not receive a single Father’s Day wish and I take that as a compliment to my amazing husband who has grown to be such an amazing father and husband.  I love you, my darling…more than you know.  Had a wonderful time with my uncle and his wife and it felt as if my Dad were in the room with me  (I miss you and love you so much).  They are so alike in many ways.  I look forward to many more bad jokes, Tio, and wish you the best. ❤  I wish all my family, however crazy they may be, were closer to one another.  My niece told me yesterday that she was crazy and I looked at her beautiful face and told her in a whisper, “We all are!” and winked.  She giggled and looked away blushed and I hope she knows that a little crazy can be perfectly fine.  I will miss them when I go to Romania this summer…probably more than I am willing to admit.

mothers day gift


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