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Catles and Forts and Transients, oh My!

I found another blogger, Color of the World, who posted some beautiful pictures of castles in Romania.  These pictures just excite me!

Some of my favorite memories while living in Germany were spent visiting the castles along the Rhine River.  I would fantasize that I was a princess, had servants, a handsome prince and went #2 on a toilet that released my droppings into the garden below.  Well, I skimmed over some inconveniences of that time in my fantasy.  Unfortunately I was not a princess, just an American army brat, so I had my own adventures.   We had an old fortress just outside of base housing in Mainz that I could access by sneaking under the fence line.  We’d do that, sometimes even during school hours, to go buy candies that we called BR’s (very similar to Fizzy Tongues in the U.K.).  $1 would get us a HUGE bag full of them, but I think they sold for ten pfennigs each. Once my friend and I suck around the side and peered down into the drive way and we realized they had turned part of it into a bar.  We kept climbing along the side of the fort, literally hanging on to the huge old metal window shutters and looked in to see what we swore was an old torture chamber.  There were chains and hooks, cuffs and cots.  Use your imagination if you will, but as a 5th grader, all I could think of was torture.   On our way back across form the ledge we opened a door to find a transient on a cot who yelled at us.  We ran away screaming like… little girls.  Pun intended. 😀  It was so thrilling, although I think that it was also extremely stupid looking back.

Well, I won’t be climbing the sides of forts, peering into torture chambers, or ruining a transients sweet slumber but I do look forward to seeing the castles and taking photos of them along the way for everyone to enjoy.

See Color of the World’s pictures here: the castles in Romania.




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