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Thank you, Google Maps and Google Earth!

When I honeymooned in Europe I was amazed by how easily I recognized the train stations, parks, and hotels, not because I’d physically been there before but because I had virtually been there before.  Thanks to Google I walked down the streets and got a full 360 degree view of where I needed to be.  With no iPhone or printed maps, we traversed the cities like we’d been there many times.  I don’t have photographic memory, but I do rely heavily on major landmarks and visual cues to tell me where I am.  By studying Google maps I was able to get a photographic snapshot imbedded in my memory that helped to make our two week trek across Europe run a bit more smoothly, without the use of any tour guide or interpreters.  Also, we did do the double-decker buses in Berlin and Barcelona, only because there was so much to see in so little time and because this helped me get the layout of the land upon arriving in the country of choice.

My Romanian professor has arranged for me to visit a a goat farm in a small town called Leleşti.  While there I can do some pre-MBA research on how they run their farm, what they struggle with and what their strengths are.  I want to know how we can support and include the local farmers of a land rich country in the plan for economic growth.  Where is support and innovation lacking and how much does political agenda have to do with it.  I am very interested in sustainable farming and business and in organic, non-gmo, and non hybrid farming, not just in Romania but everywhere.  Any one out there researching this already?  Any input you want to add, any questions you think should be at the heart of my research I gladly welcome.  In the mean time, I will continue to enjoy strolling down Leleşti, admiring the beautiful religious artwork painted on the tiny structure, the colorfully painted and artfully designed simple homes and the lush green gardens.  And when we drive down that small stretch of road, perhaps it will feel as familiar as the London tube, the Paris markets and Barcelona’s beaches.



Here are some pictures my professor sent me of the farm and the surrounding area:



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