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I’ve been invited via the Gilman Scholarship Program to apply for the position of “Travel Correspondent” for a site called Reach the World.  According to the email, “Travel correspondents are asked to video conference up to three times with their students and must be able to access the internet once a week.  Participation as a RTW correspondent can waive your original Follow-on Project plan you proposed in your Gilman application. The application process to become a RTW traveler is competitive, and the experience provides strong professional experience in digital media storytelling and education.”  I visited their website (here: Reach the World) and I am very interested!  This seems like a seamless fit; I am already blogging and communication about the trip, I am a strong writer and have experience in marketing and education, making me a perfect fit!  I like the idea of being paired up with a student who will follow me in an effort to enrich their life.  The email states that “Volunteering with RTW as a travel correspondent is an impactful way to broaden your own experience abroad while mentoring and inspiring disadvantaged youth.  Summer 2013 RTW travel correspondents will be connected with New York City youth enrolled in the Fresh Air summer camp, the BELL Program summer camp and the Harlem Power Academy.”  How cool is that?!  It seems I am taking on an extra task but the way I see it, I have a guaranteed audience and an opportunity to make a positive impact at home while abroad. 🙂  Has anyone else participated for Reach the World as a youth mentor/travel correspondent?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether this is something you have done or if you think I’d be getting in over my head with this project dictating how I use my time?


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