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Photo Shoot, not-so fiasco! :)

Last week I interviewed with the writer, Lynsi, on the piece of me winning the Gilman Scholarship to study abroad.  I was reluctant to do the interview and tried to sum up my answers to questions that simply required a bottle of tequila and demanded a hangover the next morning.  But I kept it simple and clean.  Where I was born, my life as an army brat, my inspiration for studying abroad and learning the Romanian language.  Today was even worse.  I found myself telling some of the same stories only with a camera lens in staring at me, beckoning me to smile and look into the black hole.  With every shutter i winced, wrung my hands and bit my lips between my teeth.  I kept apologizing for blinking and for my recent acne breakout and it was hard to remember what I wrote in a not so long ago post titled Pick-A-Part ( deep breaths).  The crew was so kind to me that by the end of the shoot we were laughing and swapping family stories.  I left smiling but nervous for the shoot results.  One thing is for sure – I could never model!  To celebrate my bravery I served myself a glass of heaven.  It seemed appropriate. 🙂



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