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I’m in the process of making arrangements with ASU staff and the photographer for the piece on winning the Gilman Scholarship and I’m very nervous although I know I shouldn’t be.  But the photographer has photographed Michael Jordan!  If you are human and live in this century you can probably relate to then picking yourself apart in small way: I broke out this week and it’ll leave a scar!; maybe I should wait until a few more weeks of deep water aerobics at the rec center so I can be slimmer and tanner; I should probably just cancel and send them a photo instead.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  My husband comes home every day to me, sometimes still in my robe, and is happy to see me.  Does it really matter if I have a nearly invisible freckle left over from a pimple?  Should he love me less?  Of course not. So I’m making arrangements, and reminding myself that if they wanted to interview and photograph someone beautiful like, Michael Jordan, they can.  But they’ve asked me, so that’s what I will give them.  🙂


I hope everyone can look in the mirror after reading this and find the beauty from the surface of the skin to the deepest part of their self.


He simply reminds me I’m worth loving when I forget. ❤



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