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Yard Sale Madness!

So the yard sale was held.  I set up overnight because I am not a morning person.  I set out plenty of signs and noticed no other signs had been put up.  I double checked my craigslist ad was up and baked my last batch of muffins at 4am.  2 hours later I was waking the kids and getting my coffee.  I sent my husband off with a kiss and prepared myself for a day of selling all the stuff I’d washed and carefully tagged.  It was going to be small but a quality sale and I just couldn’t imagine why anything would be left at the end of the day.

Within the hour I got the text: “Someone is having a yard sale, right in front of your sign by the park.”  Immediately I was crushed but thought that’s okay, perhaps they will keep driving and see my next sign and find me!  By noon I’m Facebook-ing about my jerk neighbors.  What a low point. *shame*  The few people that did stop by bought an average of $5-$10 of stuff, which is unheard of, and the baked goods went by fast! I’d probably make more money baking than in yard sales..hmm.  I was determined to face this challenge and rewrote my Craigslist ad extending my yard sale one day and offering a free bookmark with each purchase in honor of Mother’s Day and just flat out worked myself up.  But by 5am I realized I passed out on the couch after only 2 hours of sleep, never put out my signs and hadn’t had water in 24 hours.  I was wiped.  I jumped on Craigslist and checked for yard sales – only three in my city and it hit me that my plan just wasn’t that great after all.  Instead of seeing my neighbors as competitors (or foot traffic thieves, ha!)  I should see them as help!  It dawned on me at 5:13am that I need to wait for the community yard sale to try again…and so I will. 🙂

The one very positive thing is that my boys went through their toys and brought them out to sell to earn money.  I am proud they are learning to glean through their things and not hold onto everything like pack rats they used to be.  Plus, they used their money to buy muffins from me.  I made like $5 from them.

In closing, I must share the sweetest card I’ve received yet from one of my sons:

“I’m not going to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. Because I don’t want to wish you a day of Happiness.  Although it is Mother’s Day, I want to use that one day to celebrate your entire life of Motherhood.  So Happy Mother’s…Life?” 🙂  I ❤ U – A

I’m humbled and reminded of what really matters at this moment.  I hope everyone celebrates this day and reminds their Mom’s, Wives, Sisters, and Friends how special they are as Mothers.



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